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    Get involved with the WSBF

    The Westminster Sustainable Business Forum comprises a coalition of ten organisations and many other associated partners in the sectors of: construction, water and sewerage, infrastructure, planning and design, insulation and building products. 

    The WSBF conducts research and events in Parliament to examine sustainable and resilient constriction and infrastructure, and the sustainable use of resources such as energy and water. By working across sectors and parties, the WSBF seeks to improve public policy to improve the quality of our buildings and communities, and so improve the lives of UK citizens.

    Find out more to see how the WSBF can provide you with opportunities to meet colleagues from other sectors and join the public debate.

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    New WSBF events to examine water and housing policy

    Following the publishing of WSBF's latest research report Bricks & Water in June 2018, the Forum is announcing four policy roundtable discussions to look at some of the detailed areas from the report. These events will be held over the next few months in Parliament on the following topics:

    • Water resources and efficiency
    • Public attitudes, valuing water and behavioural change
    • Green infrastructure and sustainable drainage
    • Flooding and managing risk



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    WSBF launches Bricks and Water report in Parliament

    WSBF has launched its latest research report 'Bricks and Water' in Parliament. The report is a plan of action for building homes and managing water in England. 

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    Building a safer future? WSBF investigates fire safety in the built environment.

    Following the Grenfell Tower disaster and subsequent independent review, the aim of the event is to raise awareness among Parliamentarians, industry leaders and other stakeholders of the ‘100% Hackitt’ initiative, which brings together those who want to see a cultural change in the construction sector to promote safety and public trust.  


    Keynote speaker:

    Dame Judith Hackitt


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We are a coalition of leading parliamentarians, businesses, academic institutions and org​anisations informing better policy-making on sustainability issues for the built environment.