The Skills Commission is an independent body comprising leading figures from across the education sector, which conducts research inquiries into important issues in skills, training and further education policy.

The current research inquiry seeks to influence technical education reform policy and practice through a better understanding of the accessibility, flexibility, and parity of esteem of Level 4 and 5 Higher Technical Qualifications. 

Steering Group Members

Role Title Political party
Co-Chair Sir John Hayes, MP Conservative
Co-Chair Baroness Sue Garden Liberal Democrat
Sponsor/Co-Chair Graham Hasting-Evans
Core Funder/Commissioner Elena Wilson
Core Funder/Commissioner Robin Ghurbhurun
Sponsor/Commissioner Graham Razey, OBE
Commissioner Dr. Jane Towers-Clarke
Commissioner Joe Fitzsimons
Commissioner David Morgan
Commissioner Dr. David Cameron
Commissioner Michelle Gauntlett
Commissioner Clare Fraser
Commissioner Patrick Craven
Commissioner Beatrice Barleon
Commissioner Dr. Jacqueline Hall
Commissioner Sam Green
Commissioner Peter Mayhew-Smith
Commissioner Prof. Kathryn Mitchell
Commissioner Prof. Ewart Keep
Commissioner Gila Tabrizi


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