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    Time for a new settlement on the public's 'right to know' for artifical intelligence

    The public has a right to know that decisions affecting their lives are not influenced by algorithmic bias, and the right to have explained to them the workings affecting decisions about them.

    Recommendations include aircraft-style black boxes in self-driving cars and a user-friendly means such as a kitemark to show machine or human interaction. The power of parliamentary oversight and public procurement could create a new settlement for data governance based on public consent, cooperation and openness. The new deal between public services and the public should cover machine learning and artificial intelligence in all organisations providing public services, not just the public sector itself.

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    Skills Commission steering group for Future of the Skills System inquiry
    Members of the Skills Commission

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    Looking for the FE and Skills blueprint...

    The Skills Commission, Policy Connect and Learning and Work Institute have announced a new inquiry.

    How can we build a skills system that responds to local needs and future economic and social priorities?

    This inquiry is being co-chaired by the Rt. Hon Sir John Hayes CBE MP and Barry Sheerman MP and will take evidence in Spalding, Middlesbrough and Bristol: rather than just focusing on the big cities in England, we are looking forward to exploring how different factors influence the local and regional skills systems to develop a blueprint fit for the future.

    The call for evidence is now live.

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    Greta Thunberg addresses Parliament at All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group

    Greta Thunberg met with the Parliamentary party leaders in a special roundtable alongside British youth climate strikers.

    She then went on to address more than 150 people, most of whom were politicians, on the climate crisis at hand.

    The Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP, Rt. Hon Ed Miliband MP, Layla Moran MP and Caroline Lucas MP all responded.

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    Zero plastic ‘waste’ export goal is needed to boost UK investment and jobs, cut emissions, protect marine life

    MPs call for bold national Plastic Packaging Plan to help consumers protect our oceans and create green UK jobs.

    The new report – Plastics Packaging Plan: Achieving  Zero ‘Waste’ Exports – is backed by 12 cross-party politicians and says the UK must urgently take back control of its share of the global plastics problem, highlighted in Sir David Attenborough’s hard-hitting Blue Planet TV series. It calls for new UK policies so UK plastic becomes a circular industrial resource, rather than exportable waste or environmental pollution.

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    Disadvantaged are missing out on potential of degree apprenticeships

    The Higher Education Commission revealed findings that show that disadvantaged people are at risk of missing out the most on degree apprenticeships.

    The policy idea of degree apprenticeships has great opportunity to be developed, but scarcity of provision and matching employment opportunities are leaving disadvantaged people in the cold.

    Stats show that a degree apprentice in Norfolk would have to travel 12 times further than one in Hammersmith & Fulham.

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