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lightbulb using energy

Roundtable: The Future of Energy

12th June 2018

This roundtable will focus on the future of energy in the UK. This will examine how the production, distribution and provision of energy could and should develop in the UK in the coming years and decades.

This will include:

What next clean growth plan

Roundtable: Renewables in the UK

25th June 2018
This roundtable will examine renewable power generation and consider how policy can best support its deployment in the UK.
Future resource and sustainability priorities

Roundtable: Improving Business and Industry Energy Efficiency

3rd July 2018
The Clean Growth Strategy put forward a plan to 'develop a package of measures to support businesses to improve their energy productivity, by at least 20 per cent by 2030'. This roundtable will examine the government's plans to improve business and industry productivity.
APSRG resource and waste strategy

Postponed - Briefing event: A Strategy for Valuing Resources and Wastes

19th June 2018
A joint event by the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group and the Resource Recovery from Waste programme to strengthen dialogue between academia, industry and policy-makers and build consensus on the subjects for the forthcoming Resources and Waste Strategy.
Zero Plastic Waste series banner

LAUNCH: a Vision for Zero Plastic Waste series

11th June 2018
A joint event by UK Research and Innovation and Policy Connect to launch the project ‘A vision for Zero Plastic Waste’: this drinks reception will kick off a series of parliamentary events organised to examine how to achieve the vision of Zero Plastic Waste and how the UK can become the global leader on this issue.
Festival safety for carbon monoxide banner

Ensuring Carbon Monoxide Safety At Festivals

5th June 2018
With the 2018 festival season getting started, the only stories we want to see are about music, dancing, and perhaps a little bit of mud. However, every year amongst the revellers enjoying themselves, there are worrying reports of festival-goers risking their lives. This reception will engage politicians with carbon monoxide issues facing their constituents at festivals.
Energy for the Circular Economy

ESA Report Launch: Energy for the Circular Economy: an overview of Energy from Waste in the UK

6th June 2018
Produced by the Environmental Services Association, this report looks into the opportunities Energy from Waste presents in the context of the Circular Economy and the government's upcoming Resources and Waste Strategy.
House building actvity

LAUNCH: Water and Housing inquiry report - a strategic plan for delivering water-efficient homes

19th June 2018
The Westminster Sustainable Business Forum is hosting a panel discussion to launch its latest report investigating future policy options for water and housebuilding management with Angela Smith MP and Baroness McIntosh of Pickering, inquiry Co-Chairs.
3D Printer in action

3D Printing: Reinventing UK Manufacturing in the 21st Century

12th June 2018
The parliamentary officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, and HP Inc., are pleased to host a roundtable discussion on the topic of ‘3D Printing: Reinventing UK Manufacturing in the 21st Century’, on the afternoon of Monday 4th June 2018 from 2-4pm.
All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group

APMG and EEF present: Britain's Trading Future panel discussion

16th May 2018
The All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing group, in collaboration with the EEF (the manufacturers' organisation), is pleased to present this timely panel discussion in the Houses of Parliament on Britain's future trading relationship with the European Union and beyond.