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    Skills Commission: Future of the Skills System launch

    Four Years on from the Skills Commission's 'Guide to the Skills System' publication, the Commission is preparing to launch it's latest inquiry on how to create a more cohesive skills system.

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    Worth the Wait? Policy Connect Responds to the Augar Review

    “Any rumours on the launch date?”

    For months, in conversations among members of FE and HE, often over warm orange juice and cold croissants at sector conferences and panels, the launch of the Government’s Post-18 Review of Education and Funding has been anticipated. For those who are tired of hearing themselves quip – “let’s see what Augar recommends…” – the report has finally landed.

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    Lords Intergenerational Fairness Committee. Skills Commission. Simon Kelleher. Policy Connect.
    Skills Commission: Lords Intergenerational Fairness Committee

    New Feature

    Skills Commission Policy Win

    Lords Committee call for increased investment in FE following Policy Connects evidence

    The House of Lords Committee on Intergernational Fairness and Provision has included increased investment for lifelong learning amongst its recommendations for overcoming generational inequalities. 

    Read more about the report and the evidence we presented to the Committee here.

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    Call for Evidence: Future of the Skills System

    How to build a national skills system that responds to local needs and national economic priorities?

    The Skills Commission, Policy Connect and Learning and Work Institute have just launched a new inquiry kindly grant funded by FELT, that will investigate the FE provider base, employer needs, and the implementation of national policy at a local level. By exploring variations across regions the project aims to provide guidance on developing a strategic approach to the nation’s skills policy and develop practical recommendations for the policy, commissioning and delivery of FE. 

The Skills Commission is an independent body comprising of leading figures from across the education sector that meets every month in Parliament to discuss important issues in skills, training and further education policy.

The work of the Skills Commission is supported by: 

The Edge Foundation Jisc Skills & Education Group