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Policy for Heat: launch conference | Future Heat Series

12th January 2015
Half-day Parliamentary conference to launch the second phase of Carbon Connect's Future Heat Series, which examines the future of heat for buildings. Co-chaired by Dan Byles MP and Jonathan Reynolds MP.

Round Table: Garden Cities and the Role of Leadership in Planning Local Development

3rd February 2015
Parliamentary round table discussing the Government's renewed commitment to the garden cities movement, including issues around local leadership and potential ramifications

Roundtable: Green Infrastructure - Overcoming Challenges and Building the Business Case

27th January 2015
Joint WSBF and NERC roundtable analysing the business case for green infrastructure, highlighting what needs to be done to establish a proper link between investments in green infrastructure projects and the benefits derived from their implementation.

Report launch: Sustainable Construction

20th January 2015
The Westminster Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF) will launch its latest essay collection on 'sustainable construction' at a seminar in Parliament. Chaired by Robert Neill MP.

New Year Reception

14th January 2015
The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group's New Year reception, looking forward to the challenges and opportunities for sustainable resource management in the year ahead.

Report launch: Behaviour change in Carbon Monoxide Safety

19th January 2015
Parliamentary reception to mark the publication of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group's newest report 'Carbon Monoxide: From Awareness to Action - Bringing Behavioural Insights to Poisoning Prevention Efforts.