WSBF publishes latest research report: Bricks and Water

The WSBF will published its new research report Bricks and Water in Parliament on 19th June 2018.

Co-Chaired by Angela Smith MP and Baroness McIntosh, this inquiry provides an evidence-based assessment of the challenges facing England in terms of sustainable housebuilding and water management. The report then outlines recommended action for government and stakeholders to take, to ensure that we are prepared for the future and adapted to climate change.

Report co-chairs Angela Smith MP and Baroness McIntosh said: Building the number of homes we need has become a pressing issue - we haven’t built enough in this country for a long time. As we increase the number of new homes, we must manage water sustainably and efficiently on a catchment-scale.

WSBF’s in-depth year-long inquiry into housing, water and planning policy strongly concludes that the government needs to act now to improve guidance and standards for the houses that being built. Water is a precious resource and we must use it wisely. The government needs to ensure we are building the green, water-efficient, flood-resilient communities that will our children and grandchildren deserve.”

Report headline sponsor Anglian Water said: “It has never been more important for Government, house builders and water companies to work together to promote and deliver water efficiency in the home. Anglian Water is leading the industry when it comes to reducing leakage and we’re well on our way to achieving our target of 95% customers on a meter. New build homes present an unrivalled opportunity when it comes to making sure that new communities are using water as efficiently as possible, with design standards and labelling offering great water saving potential. Collaboration between Government, planners, developers and water companies is essential if we are to meet this goal and we are ready to play our part.”

WSBF member Willmott Dixon said: “Willmott Dixon supports the adoption of higher building standards for water efficiency and sustainable urban drainage systems.  What is most important is the consistency of standards and requirements applied across the industry, for large and small, new and refurbished housing developments.”

Chair of the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee Clive Betts MP told us: “There is currently a vacuum at the heart of the English planning system which is having profound social, economic and environmental consequences. No thought has been given to a wider view of planning which tackles cross-boundary issues for local authorities.”

Lord Best told us: “There has been an overreliance on the big eight housebuilders to deliver the housing that we need. The quality of houses that are being built isn’t good enough – purchasers are actually expecting the quality to be bad.”


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