All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group membership grows to sixteen parliamentarians from five political parties

Co-chairs Barry Sheerman MP and Baroness Finlay are delighted to announce that Baroness Pinnock has been unanimously elected as an officer of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) at the AGM this year.

Baroness Pinnock was at the forefront of Kirklees Council’s pioneering drive to distribute carbon monoxide alarms to every home via the Kirklees Warm Zone Project, which improved household safety and saved lives. Baroness Pinnock joined the Lords in 2014 from an active career in public life and is well placed as the Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for Levelling Up, Communities and Local Government.

Since 2021, the APPCOG has grown from 11 to 16 members, and includes parliamentary officers from an impressive collection of five political parties: the Conservatives, Labour, SNP, DUP and now the Liberal Democrats.