AI and Ethics: Evidence Session 2

On 22nd February 2023 Policy Connect, through the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics, held the second of three evidence gathering roundtables on the highly topical subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ethics.

This is as part of an inquiry which aims to identify practical governance and regulatory measures, and tools to support the ethical development of AI in the UK for the benefit of the public, and thereby businesses.  

The event was co-chaired by Lord Chris Holmes and Lord Tim Clement-Jones. Introductory remarks were made by Or Lenchner, Bright Data; Ansgar Koene, Ernst & Young; Dr Aisha Naseer, Advisor on AI Ethics; Roger Taylor, Accenture and formed chair of CDEI; Marina Jirotka, University of Oxford; and Carly Kind, Ada Lovelace Institute. Participants included a range of stakeholders across industry, academia, and the third sector.  

Amidst the discussion there was wide agreement from panellists that while the UK seemed to be a leading actor in supporting and pushing for the ethical use of AI several years ago, it is now lagging behind its international counterparts, particularly the EU and USA. Pulling on this thread, the discussion explored ideas of learning from others in this space and the need for the UK to engage in international coordination of AI regulation and standards. The session also explored the aspect of varying types of regulations, such as black-box and sandbox testing.

Speakers also addressed the uncertainty in what a context-dependent, sector-specific, and pro-innovation approach to regulation looks like in the UK. A key theme of the discussion also explored the lack of public trust in AI and participants stressed the need for a combined stakeholder approach looking into public consultation, self-regulation from industries, and oversight from independent regulatory bodies. Participants discussed complex issues of data stewardship, Intellectual Property (IP) laws, and third-party AI assurance frameworks.

The third and final evidence session will be held on Wednesday 22 March.