Public Use of AI

On 18 January 2024, Policy Connect and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics (APGDA) partnered with the Public Law Project to hold a panel event on the ‘Public Use of AI’.

With the UK Government’s use of data, automation, and AI set to transform the state in coming years, concern has been expressed about the capacity of current safeguards to ensure transparency, fairness, and non-discrimination. 

Amidst increased debate about public sector use of algorithmic and AI systems, Lord Clement-Jones chaired a parliamentary discussion that convened experts from civil society, academia, and parliament to discuss the future of public sector use of data and automation.

Panellists discussed that while both public and private sector use of AI should be underpinned by principles of transparency, fairness, and accountability, there should be greater oversight when AI is deployed in the public sector due to the power of the state.

Speakers also expressed their concern about the threat of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill in watering down current data protections.

The session also explored the use of and effectiveness of existing tools such as the Government’s Algorithmic Transparency Recording Standard, Data Protection Impact Assessments, and Equality Impact Assessments.

Looking further, participants discussed the role parliamentarians, civil society, and senior leaders can play in ensuring the use of AI in the public sector is transparent and based on democratic legitimacy. 

The panel featured insights from:

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