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    HE Commission findings discussed in House of Lords Post-18 Review debate

    This week the Lord Norton of Louth, Chair of the HE Commission, took part in a debate on the Post-18 Review of Education in the House of Lords.

    Lord Norton discussed the HE Commission's findings on degree apprenticeships and how they compared to the Post-18 Review's analysis. Lord Norton also welcomed the recommendations for increased FE funding and the return of maintenance grants but also warned against seeing HE in a domestic vacuum and voiced concerns on how value for money is measured in the sector. 

    You can read a transciption of Lord Noton's speech on our news section. 

  • New Feature

    Worth the Wait? Policy Connect Responds to the Augar Review

    “Any rumours on the launch date?”

    For months, in conversations among members of FE and HE, often over warm orange juice and cold croissants at sector conferences and panels, the launch of the Government’s Post-18 Review of Education and Funding has been anticipated.

    For those who are tired of hearing themselves quip – “let’s see what Augar recommends…” – the report has finally landed.

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  • New Feature

    HE Commission seeing impact from major reports

    Since the launch of their latest report, Degree Apprenticeships: Up to Standard?, Policy Connect and the HE Commission have been engaging with a range of key policy makers to take the recommendations forward. After briefing the Post-18 Review panel, the Commission were pleased to be cited in their recent report and to see alignment in their recommendations. This also follows briefing the Rt Hon Anne Milton, Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships, on the recommendations of our report and how to improve policy implementation.  

    Read more about our impact work. 

  • New Feature

    Partner with the HE Commission

    Following the success of the Commission's Degree Apprenticeships and Staying Ahead reports the Commission is looking for sponsors for a new research project.

    If your organisation would be interested in partnering with Policy Connect to support the HE Commission's research then get in touch with


  • New Feature

    Policy Win: Government adopts headline recommendations from HE Commission report

    A new joint strategy paper from the Departments for Education and International Trade has set an ambition to increase education exports to £35 billion and grow international HE student numbers to 600,000 by 2030. 

    Read more about our policy win.

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    HE Commission Launches Findings of Degree Apprenticeships Report

    Findings have been released by the Higher Education Commission which show that degree apprenticeships may be good in theory but they’re not delivering for small employers or disadvantaged students. This is despite over 99% of UK businesses being SMEs and previous government commitments to providing a ‘head start’ for young people.

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The Higher Education Commission is an independent body made up of leaders from the education sector, the business community and the major political parties. The Commission examines higher education policy, holds evidence-based inquiries, and produces written reports with recommendations for policymakers.

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