Roundtable: Transitioning to Low Carbon Heat- Who Pays?

2 Hours

This is an evidence session for Carbon Connect's inquiry Future Gas Series - Part 3: Consumers and the Future of Heat.

This roundtable will explore:

  • How much will a transition to low carbon heat cost? Can the large upfront capital costs be mitigated in any way?
  • How can the costs of a transition to low carbon heat be shared fairly across society, in a way that politically feasible?
  • How can the fuel poor and lower income consumers be supported and protected during a transition to low carbon heat?
  • How much are the public willing to pay, and under what conditions is this willingness given?
  • How can new business models help to make low carbon heat accessible? 


Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Alan Brown MP

James Heappey MP


Dr Christina Demski, University of Cardiff

Dhara Vyas and James Kerr, Citizens Advice

Peter Smith, National Energy Action


To request a place, please email: Joanna.furtado [at] (joanna[dot]furtado[at]policyconnect[dot]org[dot]uk )