Roundtable: Consumers and Low Carbon Heat

2 Hours

This is an evidence session for Carbon Connect's inquiry Future Gas Series - Part 3: Consumers and the Future of Heat.

This roundtable will consider the role of the consumer in a transition to low carbon heat. It will consider current perceptions and attitudes of consumers towards heat; how consumers can be engaged with heat, both to encourage lower carbon behvaiours and to increase acceptance of new technologies; who should have the responsibility of engaging consumers in a low carbon transition; and how a transition to low carbon heat can tie in with the public's wider concerns about the energy system, including transparency, fairness and affordability. 


Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Alan Brown MP

James Heappey MP


Matthew Lipson- Energy Systems Catapult

Alice Bell- 10:10

Brian Tilley- E.ON


To request a place, please email: Joanna.furtado [at] (joanna[dot]furtado[at]policyconnect[dot]org[dot]uk  )