Roundtable: Harnessing AI to boost financial inclusion

12:00 - 1400

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already having a huge impact on the financial services consumers are offered and the pace of change will only quicken in the coming years. Across the world, attention is turning to how to harness this revolutionary technology to tackle one of the most enduring problems facing society: financial exclusion. In many ways the UK is leading the way with the AI sector deal, the establishment of the AI Council and the FCA’s regulatory sandbox to foster safe innovation. However, the potential of AI to enable more people to access financial services at more affordable prices is only just being explored and understood. 

The APGDA will bring together key figures from the sector for an exclusive roundtable on financial exclusion with leading figures from industry and the wider sector. It will be co-chaired by Daniel Zeichner MP and Lee Rowley MP and will be held in Meeting Room M of Portcullis House between 1200-1400. It will bring together a number of key stakeholders from across the sectors to discuss the latest developments, challenges and opportunities that big data and AI are having on the financial services, including improving accessibility.

The event will feed into a policy paper about developments in the sector, which will be circulated to leading parliamentarians.

I hope that you can join us for what should be an engaging and thought provoking discussion.

If you are interested in attenting, please email jack.tindale [at] (subject: RSVP%3A%20Harnessing%20AI%20to%20boost%20financial%20inclusion) (Jack Tindale).