DCMS data consultation: Policy Connect roundtable


Policy Connect are delighted to be hosting a roundtable contributing to a stakeholder engagement series with DCMS to facilitate conversations surrounding the recent consultation on proposed reforms to the UK's data regime.

The roundtable will take place via zoom on Thursday 14th October 2021, 9:00-11:00 am and will be chaired by Eve Lugg, Policy Manager for Data Analytics.

The purpose of this session is to support the data analytics community and DCMS in gathering views on the recent data reform proposals. We aim to contribute to creating an improved data protection regime through extensive engagement with a range of stakeholders. The roundtable will provide opportunity for discussion on the consultation with a specific focus on responsible innovation. Considering the UK’s need to introduce agile and adaptable data protection laws that maintain high data protection standards without creating unnecessary barriers to responsible data use, we think that responsible innovation needs to be central to the conversation.

A more detailed briefing will be shared in the run up to the event and a write up of the roundtable will follow the session which will help to inform Policy Connects’ response to the consultation.

As Part of this series of work the Data at Policy Connect team will be producing the following outputs

1 . A formal submission to the consultation

2. A summary of the workshop discussion

3. Presenting findings to DCMS officials

If you have any questions about this event or would like to express interest please email eve.lugg [at] policyconnect.org.uk (eve[dot]lugg[at]policyconnect[dot]org[dot]uk)