A Career Guidance Guarantee for England


The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills, Careers and Employment is partnering with the Career Development Policy Group (CDPG) on a parliamentary roundtable event to explore the proposal of a "Career Guidance Guarantee" for England.

Access to high-quality, lifelong career guidance is crucial in an economy where it is becoming increasingly common to change career paths. Yet, the current career guidance system is fragmented, leaving groups of individuals (such as those already in work) falling through the cracks. In this context, the CDPG has called for the government to offer everyone in England access to lifelong career guidance backed by a Career Guidance Guarantee. In our report "Transition to Ambition", Policy Connect has also advocated for changes to England's career guidance system so that as many people as possible are properly supported in their lives in employment.

Chaired by Baroness Garden of Frognalthe event will highlight the importance of lifelong and universally accessible career guidance. We will explore the evidence base on the benefits of career guidance and discuss what policy changes should be made to improve the current career guidance system.

Speakers and Panellists:

  • Professor Tristram Hooley, Professor of Career Education at the University of Derby
  • Katharine Horler, Executive Director of Careers England.
  • Beth Jones, Head of Career Programmes at the Gatsby Foundation 
  • Professor Kathryn Mitchell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Derby
  • Professor Siobhan Neary, Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies
  • Clare Viney, CEO of The Careers Research and Advisory Centre
  • John Yarham, Deputy CEO of the Careers and Enterprise Company

For further information or to register your interest, please get in touch with peter.wilson [at] policyconnect.org.uk.

Picture source: House of Lords, Official Portrait, https://members.parliament.uk/member/3842/portrait