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Established in 1995, the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group is the leading forum informing the debate between parliamentarians, business leaders and the sustainable resource community.

Our mission is to provide an objective platform for effective communication between policy-makers, businesses and organisations with an interest in the sustainable resource management agenda and to raise awareness of sustainable resource issues within Parliament.

The APSRG organises a regular programme of focused parliamentary events, conducts detailed policy research projects and provides in-depth parliamentary monitoring and analysis to its associate member organisations and parliamentarians.

Through all our activities, we are able to provide an invaluable platform for engagement in this vital field at a time when the sustainability agenda is of pressing importance; facilitating relationship building and generating a forward-thinking policy debate.

The APSRG's Commitment to Transparency and Scrutiny

The APSRG is entirely committed to ensuring its activities, membership and funding are entirely transparent. The Group is an official 'All-Party Group' and regularly engages with Parliament on key sustainability and waste sector issues. Under no circumstances does the APSRG endorse, support, lobby for or campaign on behalf of one organisation. 

Code of Governance

The Group operates according to a strict Code of Governance.

The Group is funded through a combination of annual membership fees from its associate (non-parliamentary) members and project based sponsorship for specific research projects. The APSRG and its work is driven solely by its Parliamentary Officers and Members; as such, the Group's non-parliamentary members do not have voting rights within the Group and cannot dictate its activities. The Group's entry on the official Parliamentary Register of All-Party Groups can be viewed here.

The APSRG is administered by Policy Connect, a cross-party, non-profit think tank based in Southwark. Policy Connect is entirely committed to upholding the principle of transparency in UK parliamentary and public affairs and welcomes any questions you may have on its work and activities. 

Official Documents

Please download the official Registration and Reconstitution Forms as well as the most recent financial statement of the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group for 2015/2016 here:


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