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T-Levels getting them right APGSE

Getting T-Levels right: Lessons from Past Reforms of Technical Education

11th September 2017
The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment, in partnership with the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB), is pleased to present a focused discussion on what the Government, Parliament and the sector can learn from previous attempts at technical education reform as it seeks to implement the central recommendation of the 2016 Skills Plan: T-Levels.
Lords Chamber - Parliament UK

Review of Smoke and CO Alarm Regulation

3rd October 2017
The review of smoke and CO alarm regulations presents an opportunity for harmonisation of regulation across the nations of the UK. At the current moment for example, landlords in the private sector in Scotland must provide CO alarms to all their properties with a fuel burning appliance. However, in England, they only need to provide alarms for rooms with a solid-fuel burning appliance.
Caring for older people APHG

Caring for older people with frailty (jointly with the Royal College of General Practitioners and the British Geriatric Society)

25th October 2017
The All-Party Parliamentary Health Group is delighted to be co-hosting an event with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the British Geriatric Society (BGS) focusing on caring for older people with frailty. The event will follow up on last year's joint report from the RCGP and the BGS entitled Integrated Care for Older People with Frailty which can be found here:
Assistive technology and education

Assistive Technology & Education

17th October 2017
In the first event since parliament returns from the summer recess, the APPGAT will look at the incredibly important area of how assistive technology can be utilised in education.
Vehicle emissions APPCCG event

Tackling Traffic Pollution

19th October 2017
The Grantham Institute, Imperial College and the Royal Meteorological Society have teamed up with the APPCCG to discuss vehicle emissions, air pollution, the T-charge and the upcoming ban on petrol and diesel cars banned in UK from 2040.

APSRG @ RWM "Inside Westminster: Views on what the current political climate means for industry"

14th September 2017

APSRG are delighted to be holding an event at this year's RWM conference.

At this time of heightened political uncertainty, the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group bring together a panel of parliamentarians to share their invaluable insight, including: