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Data analytics policy briefing on cybersecurity

Big Data and FinTech

20th June 2017
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics is pleased to announce its upcoming event on ‘Big Data and FinTech’ and to announce an expert panel.
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Parliamentary Roundtable – CO Alarm regulation inquiry, 10th July

10th July 2017
Ahead of a review by the government into The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015, the APPCOG will be looking at whether different regulation in Scotland, stating all household that have any fuel burning appliance must have a CO alarm, would be beneficial for detecting harmful and possibly fatal CO levels in UK households.

Journey to Independence: Assistive Technology & Skills

22nd June 2017
We shall discuss some of the key barriers for users of AT and why addressing these skills challenges are so crucial in answering larger questions regarding inclusivity for those with various disabilities and impairments in the workplace and wider society.

Helping You to Demonstrate Research Impact in Parliament

Working with you to deliver new policy ideas through research, political meetings and sector engagement.

We are therefore perfectly placed to work with universities and other research institutions to bring your work to the attention of policymakers and thereby increase reach and impact, and partner with universities on research council grants.

The Parliamentary seminars, panels and roundtables we have on offer would be chaired by a parliamentarian, and could include any of the below: