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    Higher Education Commission launches From Bricks to Clicks in Parliament

    Tuesday 26th January saw the Higher Education Commission launch its long-awaited From Bricks to Clicks: The Potential of Data Analytics in Higher Education inquiry report on the House of Lords Terrace to a full room of academics, data experts, universities, education professionals and peers. 

    To find out more about the report visit the Higher Education Commission's website here and download the report for free. For any further inquiries or if you would like to work with us please feel free to get in touch with us.

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    Policy Connect's APSRG sees work included in European Circular Economy Package

    The APSRG is thrilled that the Commission will revise legislative proposals on waste to establish more harmonised rules to determine when a secondary raw material should no longer be legally considered as ‘waste’ by clarifying existing rules on ‘end-of-waste’. This will provide operators with more certainty and a level playing field. As identified in the APSRG report Triple Win (2014), this will also have a significant and positive impact on the remanufacturing industry. Products with potential to be remanufactured are often classified as waste, resulting in some remanufacturers being unable to use or access these products for remanufacture due to permitting reasons. These revisions should overcome this issue.

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    Manufacturing Commission launches 'Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable' report

    The Manufacturing Commission is launching its newest inquiry report, Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable, ahead of the Paris COP21 talks, in which it outlines vital measures that government and industry should take to ensure that British manufacturing is here to stay.

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    Who are Policy Connect?

    We are the not-for-profit organisation with two decades in policy work, overseeing the research and delivery of more than 50 key publications. We have a long history of success in running engaging forums, commissions and All-Party Parliamentary Groups.
    Policy Connect brings together parliamentarians with public and private organisations. We deliver key pieces of policy-led independent research with recommendations to inform and improve UK public policy.

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