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Underlying Methodology


The Climate Policy Dashboard ranks government progress in developing detailed policy to achieve the UK's climate targets. It focuses on the main sectors in the energy system: the power sector, the transport sector (including aviation and shipping), manufacturing and construction, the buildings sector and the agricultural and land-use sector. Together, these sectors represented 85% of the UK's territorial emissions in 2019.

The dashboard assesses progress by comparing domestic climate policy introduced by the UK government to a set of recommendations from the Climate Change Committee (CCC). These recommendations are taken from three publications, the 2020 Progress Report to Parliament, the report 'Policies for the Sixth Carbon Budget and Net Zero', which accompanied the Sixth Carbon Budget report and provides a detailed list of policy recommendations from the CCC as well as the 2021 Progress Report to Parliament

For each sector, as policies are announced, their content is compared to this list of recommendations. Each recommendation is categorised as met in full / partly met / not met. The overall sector is then ranked as the average of these underlying recommendations, where each recommendation met in full contributes a score of 10/10, each recommendation met in part a score of 5/10, and any recommendation which is not met scoring 0/10. The scores, and following policy rankings, are shown below:

Climate Policy Dashboard Rankings

In the absence of one or more key policy documents, we take a mixed approach to assessing policy development, where it is not yet possible to see if all the CCC's policy recommendations have been met / not met / partly met. We also allow for a period of time to make an assessment after the CCC's policy recommendations have been published to allow the Government to meet such recommendations.

To find our more about the Climate Policy Dashboard, contact Nazza Ahmed, Project Co-ordinator for Sustainability at Policy Connect: Nazza.Ahmed [at] (Nazza[dot]Ahmed[at]policyconnect[dot]org[dot]uk)

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