Report: Distributed Generation - From Cinderella to Centre Stage

'The question is now: how can the Government unlock the full potential of distributed generation? I welcome this report for tackling this timely and important question and for pointing to the way forward.'

Laura Sandys MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

‘This is a very interesting and very timely report…it’s very detailed and very thorough.’

Baroness Worthington - Opposition Whip, House of Lords

‘This report is concrete, crisp, complete and constructive in the way it is addressing the distributed energy issue, so thank you to Carbon Connect and to Laura Sandys for supporting this important document …I am very pleased to say that I agree with all the report’s recommendations. We believe that in working together from now on, with Carbon Connect, we can actually push this agenda forward on a much wider scale.’

Miriam Maes - Chair of the Ministerial Distributed Energy Working Group

‘I would like to pass on [Greg Barker MP’s] thanks for this report, he’s very keen to explore this issue going forward.’

David Purdy - Head of Energy Efficiency Deployment Office, Department of Energy and Climate Change

On 5 December, Carbon Connect launched its 2012 report, Distributed Generation: From Cinderella to Centre Stage. The independent inquiry concludes that distributed generation will play an increasingly important role in helping to solve the UK’s energy trilemma and realise Energy Bill ambitions. It states that distributed generation has been a largely neglected ‘cinderella issue’ and that Government should now move it centre stage alongside other key policy areas such as energy efficiency and smart grids, and establish a clear vision for distributed generation.


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This inquiry was sponsored by Siemens and Covanta Energy.


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