Going Places: innovation in further education and skills

Lord David Blunkett, Barry Sheerman MP, Dame Ruth Silver and Neil Bates, Principal and CEO of the UK’s first college of advanced technology, have come together with the Skills Commission to launch its new report Going Places: innovation in further education and skills in the Houses of Parliament on 8th December.

The report, which comes after a 10 month inquiry spanning across the UK, focuses on the innovative practices colleges are engaging with up and down the country, and the potential that devolution has for making this innovation more widespread across the system.

In a changing policy landscape the further education and skills sector has always been responsive.

This report looks at the inspiring innovation andleadership taking place in further education and skills across the United Kingdom. We highligh tthe best and make recommendations that would enable the best to become very best.

The Skills Commission prides itself on producing reports which can be considered scripts for the future. Since our inception ten years ago we have brought together voices from across the education and skills sector with leading industry figures and parliamentarians to explore the big issues of the day and the challenges around the corner.