The challenges of sustainable heat for buildings in the next government - Policy Briefing

What are the challenges faced in the next government when it comes to the huge issue of heating? Our heat expert, Mitya Pearson of Carbon Connect, has picked apart the key issues, and expanded on what these mean for industry and regulation.

This brief includes a digestible look at the major issues for the next government when it comes to heat. Surprisngly, heating is perhaps one of the biggest policy issues when it comes to sustainable futures, and Carbon Connect has been extensively researching the topic in its Future Gas Series.

Topics include:

  • The sheer amount of energy used to provide heat for buildings dwarfs that of electricity – making its decarbonisation a tremendous challenge
  • There is a dramatic variation in demand which is characteristic of heating for buildings but not of electricity
  • There will be significant additional operational costs and investments required, totalling a sum in the order of hundreds of billions of pounds – and even higher if there is little progress on extensive, high-quality energy efficiency measures