Verity Winn

Policy Manager, Sustainability

Verity joined Policy Connect in April 2021 and left in June 2022. She contributed to the work of Carbon Connect including their report Connecting the Watts, circular economy research, and other sustainability-related activities.

Her research interests include low-carbon energy, environmental justice, UK conservation and international indigenous rights.

Verity holds a BA (Hons) in History from the University of Oxford, as well as a Master’s degree in Environment, Politics & Globalisation from King’s College London, where she wrote a research paper on the Dakota Access Pipeline and its impact upon environmental justice and indigenous rights.

Previously, she has worked with the National Trust, Kingston Council and Progression Consultants, where she researched and advocated for strategies to retain trees on UK development sites.

Outside work, Verity enjoys reading, history and gardening. She can often be found hiking and volunteering at conservation sites.

Verity.Winn [at]