Luke Pollard MP

APPCOG Officer

Luke Pollard is the Labour (Co-op) Member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, the Shadow Minister for Fisheries, Flooding and Water, and an Officer of the APPCOG.

As well as his general Parliamentary and constituency responsibilities, Luke sits on the Transport Select Committee and is the Private Parliamentary Secretary to Sue Hayman MP, the Shadow Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary.

Luke has previously worked at ABTA, having been Group Head of Public Affairs from 2009-2014. During this period, he worked on CO safety related issues in tourist accommodation, having advised Thomas Cook on CO safety after the deaths of Bobbi and Christi Shepard in Corfu in 2006 due to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Having also advised and worked closely with CORGI, Luke brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about carbon monoxide and gas safety-related issues to the APPCOG.