WWF feature Policy Connect's Climate Policy Dashboard in its latest analysis of UK climate commitments

Policy Connect’s Climate Policy Dashboard is featured as part of the WWF’s announcement of a new budget tagging tool. Our Climate Policy Dashboard sets out the latest analysis of government policies to deliver the recommendations of the Climate Change Committee (CCC).

The current position shown by the Dashboard is that the UK government has fully or partially met just 61 out of 135 policies recommended by the CCC.   Further analysis by the WWF indicates that UK government spending is falling short of the required investment of approximately 1% of GDP to deliver net zero as estimated by the CCC.

Following the IPCC’s “code red” report earlier this week and with COP26 fast approaching, it is imperative that the UK government addresses the gaps between ambition and progress in reducing emissions.

These gaps are highlighted by the WWF’s new budget tagging tool, our Climate Policy Dashboard and the CCC’s Progress Report 2021, emphasising the need to match ambitious climate targets with credible and effective policies resulting in action on the ground.

Policy Connect’s dashboard – which is regularly updated – tracks policy recommendations across six key sectors representing more than 90% of UK emissions in 2019, including transport, power, and heat and buildings. The UK government is given a ranking in each sector, based on how many of the CCC’s recommendations are implemented in its policies, with the rankings currently as follows:

  • Power: 6/10
  • Transport: 5/10
  • Manufacturing and Construction: 4/10
  • Agriculture and Land Use: 5/10
  • Buildings: 3/10
  • Waste: 2/10