WSBF convenes members to discuss DEFRA consultation

Following launch of the DEFRA consultation: Measures to reduce personal water use, the WSBF held a meeting on 27th August to develop its response

The Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan commits to lowering personal water use and ensuring ‘clean and plentiful water’.  To achieve this, it will need to work closely with the water industry to ensure security of supply by setting ambitious per capita consumption targets.  The consultation covers a range of options for reducing consumption including:

  • Tightening of building regulations.
  • Water efficiency labelling.
  • Continued roll-out of water meters and the introduction of smart meters.
  • Customer incentives.
  • Rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling.
  • Supply pipe leakage.
  • Communications and behaviour change.

Stakeholders attending the session included water companies, industry bodies and third sector organisations.  The discussion covered the above topics in detail and in particular, focused on the benefits of introduction of a mandatory water label.  it was agreed that the intorduction of mandatory labelling will be critical for both incorporation into new-build properties and to better inform consumers when retrofitting.  The WSBF will continue to consult with its members and publish its response here upon completion.

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