What's next for the UK's COP26 presidency?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Changed hosted an event on Tuesday, bringing together parliamentarians, academics and stakeholders to discuss and lay out priorities for the next steps of the UK's COP26 presidency. 

COP26 ended just over 100 days ago, but the UK's presidency will continue until COP27 in Egypt.

The UK is still in the limelight on everything to do with climate change and sustainability. This year is a critical year for tackling climate change, and for the UK to reach its net zero ambitions. 

APPCCG Chair Caroline Lucas MP, hosted this session alongside Daisy Cooper MP, Deidre Brock MP and Kerry McCarthy MP.

The session covered: 

  • The UK’s domestic leadership in reducing emissions, 
  • The role of climate diplomacy and building consensus, and 
  • The need for adequate finance for climate vulnerable countries affected by loss and damage. 

The first speakers we heard from were Vivian Scott, from the Climate Change Committee and Rebecca Newsom, Head of Politics at Greenpeace UK:

In the next part of the session, speakers included Anna Schulz from International Institute for Environment and Development, as well as Anna Åberg from Chatham House:

The final part looked at the need for adequate finance for climate vulnerable countries affected by loss and damage. Joining us for this session were speakers Harjeet Singh from Climate Action Network International, and Professor Lisa Vanhala from UCL. 

The event was rounded up with a discussion and general notes on the priorities for the UK's COP26 presidency and what is needed next to tackle the climate crisis. 

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