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Policy Connect officially launches its 'Policy Snap' news hub

Policy Connect officially launches its 'Policy Snap' news hub

3rd May 2017

Policy Connect is launching its Snap General Election news hub – an online centre reporting the latest snap General Election news and providing policy insight into General Election developments through briefing papers, expert comment pieces and more. This is the only hub of its kind, providing non-partisan and cross-party analysis through drawing research, policy expertise and General Election news together.

Policy Snap will consist of General Election and New Parliament updates from the Policy Connect team, dependent on your sector’s priorities. Policy and sector experts will collaborate on Policy Snap to deliver objective research-based analyses of relevant General Election developments.

Output on its webpage will include:

  • Research-based comment pieces from expertise within the Policy Connect team and its membership network on key policy issues for the consideration of the next Government
  • Manifesto insight and analysis based upon past reports and research, which will evaluate party pledges against evidence-based policy recommendations
  • Summaries of key Election news updates
  • Briefing papers with various sector-specific focusses, e.g. the next steps for Britain’s industrial strategy

This content will also be summarised within a regular member newsletter.

The above Policy Snap activity will culminate in our ‘Policy Priorities for the new Government’ briefing papers, which will be informed by existing research as well as by evidence submissions from Policy Connect’s expert membership. Alongside these papers will also be sector-specific ‘Brexit Priorities’ briefings over the coming months.

Get involved:

We welcome and encourage members, readers and politicians to engage with Policy Snap – to this end you can:

  • Suggest topics to include on Policy Snap relevant to your sector & the General Election
  • Provide comment for pieces on the Policy Snap webpage
  • Submit evidence into Brexit or new Government priorities briefing papers

Please email us to get involved.


Policy Snap - General Election 2017
Policy Snap - General Election 2017