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Policy Connect 2020 Events Schedule

Policy Connect 2020 Events Schedule

20th December 2019

The last few weeks have been an interesting time for us here at Policy Connect and our stakeholders.

After a General Election comes re-engaging all of our previous parliamentary stakeholder and attracting new ones to work towards our mission to lead the development of new policy ideas through evidence and collaboration. Oh - and all of our All-Party Parliamentary Groups must be reconstituted. All in all a busy start to 2020.

We hope you can join us for some of our upcoming parliamentary activity and have listed our confirmed events for the first two months of 2020 below. The events we have planned so far include priority sessions for the new government, several roundtables as well as some panel events for our members and we look forward to welcoming you to these in the New Year. Please get in touch with our media and communications manager  Susie James ( if you have not yet signed up and are keen to join a particular session.


  • All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group: Keeping Manufacturing on the agenda in the new Parliament – 14th January
  • Sustainable Resource Forum: Future role of Energy from Waste – 14th January
  • All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group: Consumption emissions essay collection – 15th January
  • All-Party Parliamentary Health Group: Ageing Society: Beyond Medicalisation in the Future of Ageing – January 15th
  • All-Party Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group: Design and the Future of Intellectual Property Rights – 15th January
  • All-Party Parliamentary Skills and Education Group: FE and Skills in the new Parliament – 21st January
  • Policy Connect Sustainability Team: Sustainability Priorities for 2020 – 22nd January
  • Sustainable Resource Forum: Opportunities for low-carbon heating – 28th January



  • Westminster Sustainable Business Forum: Water efficiency and property resilience roundtable – 2nd February
  • Sustainable Resource Forum: Energy from Waste social issues – 11th February
  • All-Party Parliamentary Group for Carbon Monoxide: Carbon Monoxide in direct-booking accommodation - 14th February 
  • APHG: The Future of Surgery – 20th February
  • APMG: Keeping It Local – 25th February