NHS Capacity During Covid-19 and Beyond

On Wednesday 10th February, Dr Lisa Cameron MP, chaired the first All-Party Health Group event of 2021 on NHS Capacity during Covid-19 and beyond. Chris Hopson (CEO of NHE Providers) and Mike Adams RN (England Director for the Royal College of Nursing) described the situation for NHS Capacity and key themes identified as challenges and opportunities.

The conversation covered resource and workforce issues involved in managing the current wave of the pandemic. The discussion considered essential factors in how the NHS can address the diagnostic and treatment backlog built up over the past year. Speakers highlighted how the pandemic has placed unprecedented long-term demand on resources and that in navigating through recovery and restoration of services, steps taken to increase bed and equipment capacity will also require highly trained and skilled staff to operate equipment and provide high-quality care. 

Topics examined also included long term challenges and opportunities in health innovation, managing patient care pathways and creating a sustainable health care system and workforce that is fit for the future. MPs and peers questioned the speakers on the February 2021 NHS White Paper, social care, mental health and dentistry. 

The roundtable produced clear recommendations and areas for further discussion, including the NHS White Paper and workforce, which will be examined by the APHG in the coming weeks and months. 

Download the full summary and outcomes from this page.