NDA publishes position paper on options for plutonium disposition

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has published a position paper on the progress it has made assessing options to manage separated plutonium.   The report summarises the conclusions of a review carried out by the NDA last summer into the Government's “preferred option” of reusing plutonium as MOX fuel, and at the credibility of alternative proposals put forward by GE-Hitachi and Canadian firm Candu.   The NDA has concluded that reuse remains the preferred option and confirmed that there are three credible technical options for doing so: 1) reuse as MOX in light water reactors; 2) reuse in CANDU EC6 reactors; 3) reuse in PRISM fast reactors.    This marks a shift from previous assessments where reuse as MOX was considered the “most credible and technologically mature option” for reuse. In the update, the NDA notes that all the technologies being considered have pros and cons and that no “perfect” solution exists, suggesting that a “multi-track” approach may offer best value for money.    The NDA will now undertake technical studies over the next 1-2 years with the technology suppliers to “establish a consistent level of understanding of risks and uncertainties for each option”.   Find out more - NDA Find out more – Business Green