National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) consult on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Policy Connect responded to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) consultation on indoor air quality at home.

NICE sought responses to eight questions, which relate to three Quality Statements:

  1. Local authorities embed plans to improve indoor air quality into existing strategies to improve people’s health.
  2. People with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions who have repeated or worsening respiratory symptoms are asked about their housing conditions by a healthcare professional.
  3. Local authorities develop processes to help people request a housing assessment when poor indoor air quality is identified or suspected.

Policy Connect has responded referencing:

  • the ‘COMA’ diagnostic tool as drafted by Public Health Wales;
  • research identified in the inquiry ‘Raising Awareness and Reducing Risk’, including academic studies and best practice examples;
  • training from Think CO;
  • the Care Standards Act 2000;
  • analysis from discussions at Policy Connect Health events; and
  • academic work on the effectiveness of diagnostic prediction tools for colorectal cancer.

A copy of the full response can be downloaded on the right side of the screen.