The Longevity Imperative: An interview with Health Economics author, Professor Andrew Scott.

The All-Party Parliamentary Health Group and Lord Bethell were delighted to host an interview with Professor Andrew Scott, author of "The Longevity imperative" on the importance of our good health to the British economy.

Chaired by Lord Bethell, Professor Scott reflected on the OBR’s economic and fiscal forecast to be presented to Parliament alongside the Spring Budget on 6th March 2024; and made recommendations for a new government after the election.

Professor Scott discussed the fundamental changes needed in our health system, the economy and the financial sector. He also highlighted the critical, cultural and political shifts that need to happen as we adapt to a new longevity era.


Andrew J. Scott is the world’s leading expert on the economics of longevity. An award winning researcher, speaker, author and teacher he is a co-founder of The Longevity Forum, co-author of the global bestseller, “The 100 Year Life,” and a professor of economics at London Business School.

Professor Scott’s research focuses on the implications of longevity and his advisory work on helping individuals, non-profits, corporations, and governments to seize the benefits of a longer-living society.

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