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Higher Education Commission announces non-traditional higher education inquiry

Higher Education Commission announces non-traditional higher education inquiry

17th May 2016

The Higher Education Commission is very pleased to announce its fifth inquiry, investigating the growing diversity in higher education provision in the UK. Through this inquiry, the Commission will investigate whether the variety in the sector’s HE offer is effectively responding to the needs of students and offering the breadth of study options they need.

The inquiry will take a close look at higher education taking place outside the traditional, on-campus three-year undergraduate degree, with a particular focus on the types of provision listed below. It will also investigate the needs and motivations of the types of students who are more likely to utilise alternative forms of study – for example, mature-aged students, students with caring responsibilities, and students in full-time work who are studying to gain a new skill or to improve their qualifications. 

As a not-for-profit, we are also looking for an inquiry sponsor - more details are available here.

The inquiry will consider the following alternative types of higher education:

  • Part-time and evening study

  • Distance study

  • Online courses and MOOCs

  • Degree apprenticeships

  • Other types of work-based learning such as sandwich courses

  • Alternative providers and FE colleges

To find out more, visit the Higher Education Commission's website and get in touch!