Futurebuild 2023

On 8 March, Kevin attended the Futurebuild exhibition in ExCeL London. Futurebuild is about building a better future for the built environment and aims to provide a stage for inspiring ideas, innovative solutions and knowledge sharing to drive sustainable construction and help reach net zero goals.

The exhibition brought together 400 exhibitors, representing the entire supply chain to showcase, debate and understand the advancements in sustainable construction and the emerging technologies that will make net zero possible.

The exhibition also hosted 135 sessions over three days, with 500 speakers across a range of topics covering material, interiors, offsite, retrofit, sustainable resource, energy, buildings, and digital. Kevin attended multiple events curated by the new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, SNRG, and the Energy Saving Trust as well as a conversation chaired by the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee chair, Baroness Kate Parminter.

The All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group’s Stakeholder Forum chair, Professor Tom Woolley, led a discussion on indoor air pollution in buildings and why it matters. He was joined by Clean Air Champion, Sir Stephen Holgate, and Dr. Michelle Bellingham, who spoke on the causes of indoor air pollution, the negative effects it has on health, and what measures need to be taken to improve the air we breathe. Indoor air quality is an area of great concern, particularly following the death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak in 2020, due to mould in his home.

Policy Connect is delighted to see that the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST) recently announced an upcoming workstream on indoor air quality. You can read our reaction to this news here.

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    Session curated by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero
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    Session curated by Energy Saving Trust
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    Sir Stephen Holgate, Dr. Michelle Bellingham and Professor Tom Woolley