Energy Security: Preparing for Winter 2023/24

On 12 July, Carbon Connect, held a roundtable discussion on the concerns around energy security in the UK and how to prepare for Winter 2023/24. The session explored a broad range of issues, including the affordability challenge, particularly for the retail energy sector and vulnerable households, as well as the crisis of volatility in the wholesale energy market.

Several short-term solutions were discussed, such as the introduction of a social tariff and greater investment to insulate homes. The electrification of the energy system, roll out of renewable energy and the role of hydrogen were discussed as long-term solutions to the UK’s energy security challenges. However, concerns were raised over the ability to match supply and demand and the need to ramp up storage capacity.

Carbon Connect thanks the chair of this discussion, Dr. Alan Whitehead MP and the speakers: Alan Brown MP, SNP Spokesperson for Energy Security and Net Zero; Dan Meredith, E.ON; Adam Scorer, National Energy Action; and Maxine Frerk, Grid Edge Policy.

As the roundtable highlighted many different areas pertaining to energy security that warrant discussion, Carbon Connect aim to continue with a series of roundtables, focusing on specific areas concerning energy security.

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