COP26: Briefings from a collaboration of Sustainability All-Party Parliamentary Groups

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Climate Change, in collaboration with the APPGs for Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Net Zero, and Sustainable Finance, are pleased to present briefings designed to provide key information on the policy issues central to COP26.

The APPGs for Climate Change, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Net Zero, and Sustainable Finance have over the past year been sharing briefings designed to provide key background information, timelines, and expert commentary on the policy issues that will be central to negotiations at COP26 this coming November. The APPGs have published these briefings from a shared desire to maximise engagement to ensure COP26 is a success. These briefings are accessible to all and can be found below, providing a high-level summary of the issues crucial to tackling climate change both in the UK and globally.

Our APPGs collectively believe that to be a credible ‘climate change leader’ at COP26, the UK must be demonstrably on track to meet its own climate change targets and turn ambition into action. We will be publishing further briefings on the issues central to COP26.

COP26 will be the most pivotal international climate change talks since the 2015 Paris Agreement was signed. The UK’s COP26 presidency is not only a diplomatic responsibility but a huge opportunity for the UK. Good UK climate leadership means setting the right example, so much of what happens between now and the summit will rest on policy at home. It also means using UK diplomatic capacity to stretch the ambition of other countries.

Please find the following briefings below: