CO alarm requirements for boats come into force

Today, the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) enacted a new regulation requiring all boats with living spaces to install a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. Mandatory checks of these alarms will now form part of BSS's safety inspections.

The BSS consulted on this change in 2018 to address growing concerns around the risk of CO poisoning on-board boats on inland waterways. This followed the Marine Accident Incident Branch (MAIB) findings after the double fatality on the ‘Love for Lydia’ in Norfolk, June 2016, which starkly demonstrated the risk posed to other boat users by CO-rich engine emissions. The consultation found 84% of respondents supported introducing stronger requirements.

Buoyed by the consultation’s findings, the BSS agreed on the CO alarm rule on the 17th December 2018. The BBS Technical Committee has since reviewed the proposals in greater detail, which now come into force today.

The APPCOG welcomes the boating community taking initiative in combating the dangers of CO poisoning. We hope the consultation’s successes encourage other recreational sectors to emulate the BSS in its efforts to promote CO safety.

You can learn more about BSS's CO safety advice to boat-owners by visiting their website.