Climate Policy Dashboard Update: Climate Change Committee Progress Report 2021

Policy Connect updates its Climate Policy Dashboard in response to the Climate Change Committee’s report into progress in reducing emissions.

The Climate Policy Dashboard has been updated to reflect the latest advice and recommendations from the Climate Change Committee’s (CCC) Progress Report 2021 and the report into progress in reducing emissions. The Dashboard now includes the latest set of recommendations for each sector, following updated recommendations from the CCC for the next year and beyond. The Dashboard will continue to be updated as we track government progress against existing and new recommendations. Sector summaries have also been updated following the release of the CCC’s Progress Report, showing the latest emission changes, where possible, highlighting key indicators of emission reductions, and current government ambition and policy in crucial areas.

In the near future, a new progress ranking for adaptation will be incorporated into the Climate Policy Dashboard. This is in response to the CCC’s adaptation progress report. Tracking government progress against both mitigation and adaptation to climate change is crucial. As such, Policy Connect looks forward to sharing this ranking in due course to highlight areas where increased policy action on building resilience is needed.

"The CCC’s Progress Report 2021 and the updated Climate Policy Dashboard once again emphasise the need to match ambitious climate targets with credible and effective policies. In the run up to COP26, closing this gap is crucial to ensure we get our own house in order. Without this, the UK risks its credibility on the global stage to tackle climate change. As we await further strategies and announcements, the Dashboard will continue to track government progress in developing policy against its climate ambitions." - Nazza Ahmed, Policy Connect

View the Climate Policy Dashboard on our website.