Carbon Monoxide Research Trust launches first Lecture Series

The Carbon Monoxide (CO) Research Trust, a stakeholder of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, has launched a lecture series on carbon monoxide. The series will showcase work from leading researchers around the world, in partnership with the International CO Research Network (ICORN). The online lectures will take place on the third Thursday of each month from 3pm-4pm. 

On Thursday 23rd September from 3pm-4pm, Dr Andrew Spowage of Queen Mary University London will be kicking off the series of lectures, with a presentation based on his recent White Paper to further the understanding of CO poisoning in general aviation.

Register for the lecture on the CO Research Trust website.

With his study, Dr Spowage aims to assess the status, best practices and risks associated with CO poisoning as well as providing a useful resource to build awareness within the general aviation community.

Isabella Myers the chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group’s working group “COMed”, the working group of APPCOG will present a lecture in this series on 25th November. Her lecture, ‘closing the loop on CO data’, will explore the complexity tied to collecting data on CO, including the fragmented nature of existing data on CO.

The CO Research Trust (formerly the Gas Safety Trust) is a registered charity that was established in 2005. The vision of the charity is a world where people are not exposed to carbon monoxide (CO).