Business models for a delivery architecture to achieve net zero: a roundtable

Earlier today Carbon Connect held an online roundtable to discuss the business models for a delivery architecture for the UK’s 2050 net zero emissions target.

The event was co-chaired by Darren Jones MP, Wera Hobhouse MP and Alexander Stafford MP, and introductory remarks were given by Jack Fildew (E.ON) and Chris Train OBE (CT Energy). This roundtable consultation is part of Carbon Connect’s ongoing inquiry into a net zero delivery architecture, and was attended by a wide range of expert stakeholders, from business, academia and industry.

Participants discussed the potential for a central delivery body to work between local and national governance, the challenges it might face, and the role of industry stakeholders such as DSOs. The discussion also explored the degree of clarity businesses require to invest in decarbonisation, and how the low-carbon transition can be made accessible to all.

This roundtable was the last in a series of four evidence sessions, exploring key thematic areas of a potential delivery architecture. The sessions have covered: governance and place; skills and standards; public engagement; and new and existing business models.

For more information about the inquiry, contact Rein de Loor.