APPCOG meets with public health Minister

On the 20 May, Policy Connect and Chris Bryant MP met the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care, Seema Kennedy MP, to discuss carbon monoxide's (CO's) impact on the brain and the APPCOG's recommendations.

Much of the meeting centred around the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating CO poisoning, which were examined in our 2017 report Carbon monoxide poisoning: Saving lives, advancing treatment. We took this opportunity to highlight several streams of work being supported by the APPCOG and its medical subgroup COMed, including:

  • The Emergency Department CO Screening Project being undertaken by St. George's and Frimley Park hospitals;
  • The APPCOG's upcoming scoping workshop for a specialist CO-neurology clinic for patients with neurological effects caused by CO;
  • Our involvement with the Government's CO alarm requirements review, including the APPCOG's consultation responses and particpation in the Working Group; and 
  • Awareness-raising initiatives, including Gas Safety Week (16-22 September) and CO Awareness Week (18-24 November).

We look forward to continuing our work with the Minister in combating this threat to public health, and if you'd like to oliver.buckley-mellor [at] (learn more please email us) or call 020 7202 8580.

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