APDIG holds Annual General Meeting with Parliamentary Members

On Thursday 15th April, the parliamentary members of APDIG met to elect officers of the group. This was also an opportunity for parliamentarians to feedback on the proposed work programme and add additional themes for consideration.

 Barry Sheerman MP and John Howell MP were elected as Co-chairs. The elected officers of the group are: Lord Bilimoria, Sharon Hodgson MP, Lord Freyberg, Daniel Zeichner MP and Jack Brereton MP.
The group will be meeting later in the year with associate members to decide a direction for the programme after a consultation with all stakeholders. 

Proposed Themes for the year were: 
•    Skills for net zero and the importance of design thinking 
•    Rebuilding the crafts, design and innovation sectors
•    Technology disruption and design implications – human-centred design
•    Engaging with sustainable communities, children and young designers
•    COP 26 and design for sustainability

Officers highlighted that generally timing and relevant stakeholders were crucial for all topics and impactful delivery. Invitations for the upcoming events programme will be shared with member in the coming weeks.