Part 1 of the Future Gas Series will focus on the future of the gas grid, examining issues related to the gas distribution network and local storage.

This inquiry will investigate the suitability of the gas grid to be re-purposed to distribute low carbon gas and the current impediments to doing this, as well as exploring the opportunities offered by low carbon gas.

This inquiry is being co-chaired by Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Southampton Test and former Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Callum McCaig, former Member of Parliament for Aberdeen South and former SNP Spokesperson for Energy and Climate Change, and James Heappey MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Wells and former member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee. 

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Future Gas Series: Part 1 - Next Steps for the Gas Grid Outline

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The Future Gas Series is sponsored by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM).