The Future Electricity Series is an independent research series exploring what role fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear can play in providing sustainable, secure and affordable power in the short, medium and long term. By examining the benefits and risks of different technology mixes and sector pathways, this series sets the scene for well-informed and constructive debate about the UK's power sector strategy, highlights the value of consensus and points to future policy challenges.

Each of the three inquiries was launched at a conference event, where around 100 delegates heard from expert speakers and participated in discussions around topics of focus. The three reports were published at debates in Parliament, each featuring panellists representing all three main political parties, alongside other expert guests.

Part 1: Fossil Fuels

Part 2: Renewables

Part 3: Nuclear


“Rhetoric in the energy debate has frequently sought to exploit political divides, often ignoring areas of consensus and driving political uncertainty. Carbon Connect’s Future Electricity Series is about making energy debate more constructive.” 

Charles Hendry MP


“Compared with all the other reports I’ve read in this area, this is one of the best.” 

Peter Lilley MP


“It has been a pleasure working with Carbon Connect in a cross-party environment on the Future Electricity Series, because it is really crucial wherever possible to strive for cross-party consensus on energy policy. We need less ideology and more evidence. That is what characterised the first report of the Future Electricity Series and will continue in Power from Renewables.”

Baroness Worthington


Inquiry Co-Chairs

  • Charles Hendry MP - Former Energy Minister (2010-12)
  • Baroness Worthington - Shadow Energy Minister

Inquiry Steering Group

  • Prof Jim Skea - Committee on Climate Change & IPCC
  • Peter Hardy - Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers
  • Mike Rolls - Siemens
  • Prof Jim Watson - UK Energy Research Centre
  • Dr Keith MacLean - SSE
  • Adrian Bull - National Nuclear Laboratory
  • Chris Littlecott - E3G
  • Danielle Lane - Dong Energy
  • Jo Coleman - Energy Technologies Institute
  • Nee Joo The - Energy Supply & Generation KTN
  • Jenni McDonnell  - Environmental Sustainability KTN
  • Phil Kirby - Policy Connect Board
  • David Love - Drax Power
 The Future Electricity Series was sponsored by: Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers.