Water as a Public Good


The Agriculture Bill, currently making its way through Parliament will see transition from the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) to a new system of 'public money for public goods'.  Under these arrangements, the existing Basic Payment Scheme will be replaced with a system that rewards farmers and land managers for actions that benefit the environment such as tree planting, flood management, and habitat restoration.

Public Goods are typically those where individuals cannot be excluded from their use and where use by one individual does not reduce its availability to others.  But does water meet the criteria of a Public Good?  In this session, we will explore this question, along with the benefits of Natural Flood Management and recent commitments by water companies to operate in the public interest.  The roundtable will be chaired by Alex Davies-Jones MP and will include contributions from the following expert speakers:

Daniel Johns, Head of Public Affairs - Anglian Water

Dr. Andrea Graham, Head of Policy Services - National Farmers' Union

Additional speakers TBC

If you would like to participate in this event, please contact WSBF Policy Manager, robert.allen [at] policyconnect.org.uk (subject: Water%20as%20a%20Public%20Good) (Rob Allen)