Vulnerability, Fuel Poverty and Carbon Monoxide Roundtable

9:30 - 11:30am
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This Parliamentary Roundtable, hosted by Liz Twist MP, will explore the complex issues relating to fuel poverty and carbon monoxide, and how we can best protect the most vulnerable in our society from them. 

A range of experts from across the housing, government and energy sectors will look at the following questions:

  1. How is fuel poverty linked to carbon monoxide (CO) risks?
  2. What provisions are currently in place to identify and reduce the fuel poverty and CO risk in the more vulnerable households? What is the role of a) energy and gas providers, b) frontline public services and the third sector c) local housing authorities and d) landlords and housing providers in this?
  3. What barriers are there currently to identifying and reducing the fuel poverty and CO risks?
  4. What policy and regulatory changes would enable us to better identify and reduce the fuel poverty and CO risk in vulnerable households?

Speakers include:

  • Louise Clanfield, Research and Policy Officer, National Energy Action
  • David Blakemore, Chair, Committee on Fuel Poverty
  • Tom Bell, Head of Social Strategy, Northern Gas Networks
  • Paul Durose, CEO, Gas Tag
  • Paul Everall, Chief Executive, Local Authority Building Control, and Chair, National Home Improvement Council

This event is kindly sponsored by Gas Tag.

For more information, please contact georgina.bailey [at]