Unpacking the Circular Economy: Reuse and refill in packaging solutions


Refillable and reusable packaging models were suggested as a potential solution to society’s single-use packaging challenge.

However, there remain uncertainties about these systems. This event will explore refillable and reusable packaging systems and the role they can play in moving the UK to a circular economy. It will:

  • explore already existing best practices for reuse and refill;
  • investigate the environmental, economic and hygiene aspects of reuse and refill models;
  • considering supplier, retailer, consumer and policy maker attitudes towards reusable and refillable packaging models;
  • explore current barriers and enablers for the adoption and implementation of reuse and refill models; and
  • investigate what policy steps are needed to enable refill and reuse models to take off, and how it would work in the current and future policy context.

The roundtable will be chaired by Lord Teverson, Officer of the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group. 


Dr Lucia Corsini and Dr Fabrizio Ceschin - Brunel University London
Professor Margaret Bates - OPRL
Rachel Gray - WRAP
Sarah Greenwood - University of Sheffield
Amanda Curtis and Natasha Maynard - IGD

Participants of the roundtable will include cross-party parliamentarians, policy-makers, retailers and representatives of academia, industry and civil society. 

This event is kindly supported by the Public Engagement Fund of Brunel University London.

If would like to take part in the event, please email Ágnes Szuda at agnes.szuda [at] policyconnect.org.uk